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An Introduction to Hypertargeted Marketing

5th July 2018

Hypertargeting is a brilliantly efficient cost-effective strategy for delivering your digital content straight to your desired audience. By honing in on very niche, narrow audiences, hypertargeting trims the fat in your digital advertising budget by ensuring only customers with a high potential to convert are shown your ad content. This usually results in a 50% – 80% lower CPA.

However, effective hypertargeting requires detailed, granular data on your customer base that constantly updates and optimizes based on past performance, and thus is often ignored by larger ad agencies or hyped-up as a complex AI solution. This evening seminar, facilitated by PAD39 Strategic Director Bryan Vaz, will break down the essentials of hypertargeting for marketers, both new and established. From the pre-launch checklist to post-campaign analysis, Bryan will be walking through the essential steps of a successful campaign, cutting through the industry jargon and AI BS, and pointing out the many pitfalls to avoid.

This seminar is intended for marketing teams struggling with their existing strategy, and looking for alternative and innovative ways to engage with their audience.



Garage Society Wan Chai Campus,

4/F Beverly House,

93 Lockhart Road,

Wan Chai,

Hong Kong

Evening Outline

7:00pm – 7:30pm – Registration and Welcome Drinks

7:30pm – 8:30pm – Presentation and Q&A

8:30pm – 9:00pm – Drinks and Networking



Bryan Vaz

Strategy Director, PAD39

Bryan’s experience spans the entire spectrum of industries, from establishing an energy derivatives trading desk, to supporting the transformation of several US Health and Human Services departments and expanding affordable healthcare to American citizens, to managing an Olympic marketing campaign, to redefining the strategic direction for an American “internet-first” bank. Bryan now uses that experience to help companies of all sizes refine their competitive edge and deliver breakthrough performance.



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