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Meet some of our people.


Bryan Vaz

Senior Partner, Strategy

Bryan brings many years of experience in private and public sector transformations to his role as the firm’s Senior Partner for Strategy. He combines his strong technical knowledge with solid business acumen to attain success through technology.

Bryan’s experiences span the industry and functional spectrum, specializing all issues novel and bespoke. He has worked on a number of ground-breaking initiatives such as planning new agencies for healthcare delivery under Obamacare, realigning a Canadian provincial budgeting process to a results-based methodology, and architecting a multichannel national Olympic campaign.

Nickey Khemchandani

Senior Partner, Creative

Nickey brings his extensive creative and digital talents to his role as the group’s Creative Director. Nickey has lived and breathed in every part of the creative process since his start in agencies at the age of 18. He began his career in the publishing sector from where he built out his abilities into user experience and full stack development.

Nickey is now recognised as an expert in Asia for infusing technology and digital solutions into businesses across a range of industries as well as developing teams in large organisations to create sustainable and effective solutions themselves. Nickey has advised over 1000 companies. In 2015 Nickey was recognised as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum.


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Robbie Maloney

Partnerships Manager

Robbie leverages his prior experience within the education and events fields to head up Pad39’s entrepreneur initiatives including coordinating workshops, seminars, and courses. With a strong background in research and logistics including an MA from the University of Sussex, UK, Robbie’s professional focus lies in building resilient, efficient, and scalable companies.

Maisie Fowler

Digital Specialist

Maisie’s professional focus lies in photography, videography, and graphics as one of Pad39’s Digital Specialists. Maisie leads numerous graphics and video production initiatives, creating vivid impactful experiences. By combining her love of art, technology, product innovation, experience design and a touch of gadgetry, Maisie successfully marries design with function.


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